In a Book Appreciation Club I belong to, members started discussing all the Book Nerd Problems that we faced. Some were downright hilarious, all utterly Malaysian, and absolutely true!

So I thought it might be fun to share it with all of you.


Here you go:


  • Finding something to eat for lunch that won’t splash and spray all over my book.

  • Wanting to read on a long road trip…. but gets nauseated 

  • Hoping the movie adaptation will be as good as the book and getting disappointed every single time. frown emoticon

  • no time to read.. but have to work to get money to buy more books to read

  • Definitely ‘Too many books, so little time”.

  • My daughter, an only child, says she has many frens. I asked “Where??”, she replied ” All my books, they are my best friends, and I guess I hv thousands of them..”

  • I can never sell my daughter’s books without permission, for I think book nerd loves reading same book repeatedly.

  • I hv to smack my girl sometimes bcos she reads inordinately, sometimes oblivious of danger, sleeping time and meal times. And I am really mad when she leaves her school work to the last minute.
  • Reading my book while stuck in a traffic jam, while waiting for the lift
  • Staying up late to read till the early hours of the morning . …on a working day. Yikes! ‪
  • Worrying abt which bag i have to use bcos it must be able to fit the current book I’m reading.
  • ‪Going on a trip n worrying whether I brought enough reading material. What happens if i run out halfway?
  • Going to KLCC n worrying abt not hvg enough time in Kino bcos I’m always rushing.
  • Finally – having to use 2 hands to eat laksa and also hold a book open at the same time!
  • My daughter reads during meal time, even stands to read during the meal
  • Reading during Hari Raya! (the Muslim equivalent to Christmas Day)
  • Can’t eat without a book, a habit since I was a kid. Makes my food taste better.
  • I brush my teeth with the book propped up on the shelf in the bathroom. I guess my mom should have smacked me then!
‪Now is eating time, and still my girl must hide books, shun me, and sneak to kitchen. I was rather mad, firstly, bcoz it isn’t good for digestion, second, it takes her almost 1½ hours to finish, third, that makes her oblivious of importance of real timing in life
  • My most pro move is being able to read while stirring the pot, while watering plants and while vacuuming. The last very unsuccessfully, unfortunately
  • Finding a hairdresser who will let me read my book during the haircut, rather than engaging in meaningless conversation!! Any recommendations??
  • Talking too much and excitedly about a book only then to realize I talked TOO MUCH and being socially weird. Hahaha

  • I need that kind of hairdresser too but they always insist to remove my specs which render me blind – how to read? I need to go for LASIK — need permanent solution
  • Searching for a book nerd’s group for children between age 9-10, let them meet and chat over the same books, over and over…

  • Exam week is coming but I’ve got to start with a new book ahhh… all the time

  • Misplaced/lost my books more that twice, when asked everyone in the house they told me, no one steals your book, saying that books aren’t worth stealing. Gahh that hurts!!! my books are *in smeagol’s voice* my precious

  • Getting neck ache from sleeping on your book after reading in bed
  • My middle girl sometimes reads upside down. Seated on the plush single-seater sofa, feet up against the sofaback, torso against the seat, and head jutting out below with the book suspended between her thin hands… *Haih*
  • Agonizing over which book to get because you can’t remember which of that author’s books you already own…

  • My elder girl will go inside the book…. Call out to her 10 times also cannot hear wan…must rampas the book…lol..then she will be like “ah.. Wat mummy, I nvr hear u calling.”… Ahyoo wat to do…
  • ‪When I was a kid…I will read under my blanket w torch light… And my mom will always catch me….lol…and now I do it too w my book light under my comforter…… Can’t sleep without reading..
  • When reading on my mini ipad in bed at night, I fall asleep and the ipad slaps me on the mouth, causing a lump/bruise to emerge around my lips where it fell. Next morning, my office mates give me a look as if I’m a victim of domestic abuse 

  • Books including hardcovers n phones n tablets falling on my face too. Lol. Oh, i do tht pose on the bed n sofa too…book nerd ‘yoga’. Keeps the blood flowing to me ‘ead!

  • Haha, book nerd yoga reminds me : after hours spent sitting around reading, I felt guilty for not doing any exercise so I started figuring out exercises that I could do while reading – planking is good, so is down-dog with leg lifts
  • When I’m reading while walking towards the office every morning after I had my breakfast. Nearly bump into the signage ehehhehe.
  • Always sneak a look at the book when the traffic turn red also
  • Having to wait to discuss a book with a friend when you’ve finished ina day but they’re not finished in a week!