A Call for Writers to Unite

by Tina Isaacs


We writers face enough challenges from the outside word – clients who shortchange us, haters who sabotage us, readers who steal from us, authorities who attempt to gag us, the industry as a whole which is designed to make money for everyone EXCEPT the authors/writers whose toil and trouble created the work from which the money is generated.

Let’s not get swept along with the attitude where lambasting each other is so commonplace, no one bats an eye. Unfortunately, due to increasingly competitive world of publishing, this seems to be the trend online and everywhere else. All too often, the community attitude is downright vindictive whenever a peer achieves success.

Who else will stand beside us while we struggle to complete and then promote our work, if not our partners in arms: other writers and bibliophiles?

So my plea to you, my fellow Writers, let’s stand united and be there for each other.

Something to think about… ‪#‎amwriting‬ ‪#‎writing‬ ‪#‎community‬ ‪#‎AtoZChallenge 




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