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Limericks on Writers’ Self-Doubt

by Tina Isaacs


Here are five limericks* I prepared on writer’s self-doubt, negativity and that dreaded writer’s block

*Limericks are short poems, often comical and sometimes bawdy, with five lines and an aabba rhyme scheme



There once was a literary author

Who got stuck when writing about her

She knocked on that block

And thumped on her clock

Decided to write on whatever



Jamal was on a type-writing frenzy

But one day the ideas just went hazy

He did him some prompts

That oiled up his joints

And his book just knocked them all crazy



She wanted to read such a story

And she wasn’t concerned ‘bout the glory

She put down her book

And decided to look

How she could write a story more gory



It was nearing the deadline they gave

Of when his draft had to cave

He pushed aside doubt

Remembered he’d enough clout

To write fabulously until his grave



The doubters said she couldn’t write

Enough that she hadn’t a bite

She told them to shove it

Where sun’s shine don’t hit it

And showed them in time she was right