Copyright & The Writer

by Syamsuriatina Ishak


Writers, be they poets, fiction or non-fiction writers, bloggers or journalists with a column in print periodicals, deal with the implications of copyright every time they produce a manuscript or piece of writing.

This blog seeks to address issues pertinent to copyright law which every writer ought to be aware. What are their rights and liabilities in relation to copyright? In other words, how are their works protected, and what about their writings which may infringe the copyright or Intellectual Property of others?

Postings herein will primarily concentrate on copyright, but shall also touch on other aspects of a writer’s career, namely contract law, publication issues, and other legal issues which crop up from time to time.

The author shall endeavour to present one aspect of this topic from time to time, and looks forward to sharing this all-important information with you!

Image credit: Alejandro Escamilla

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