by Tina Isaacs



Type:  Short Story

Genre:  Literary

Publication: Anthology of Malaysian Sports Writing (containing winning and long listed stories and essays of the D.K. Dutt Memorial Award for Literary Excellence) published by WordWorks, March 2016.

Achievement: Runner-Up for the D.K. Dutt Memorial Award for Literary Excellence 2015

Synopsis: Young Darshan, or Dash as his friends call him, has run everywhere he’s had to go, all his life. He’s gone on to make it as a competitive athlete; a sprinter, representing his school, district and state and soon, his country.  But, observing the real joy on the face of his co-competitor at a track meet makes Dash question his priorities. His thoughts race through his mind, all while running the 100m dash in 10.41 seconds.

Image Credit: © Petrafler | Dreamstime.com – Sprinters Photo