Dark, Dark My Light

by Tina Isaacs



CoverDDMLType: Novel [first installment in the Dark Time trilogy]

Series Blurb: When immunity becomes a commodity

Genre: New Adult,  Dystopian, Romance, Social SciFi, Post-Apocalyptic

*Title taken from a line in a poem by Theodore Roethke “In A Dark Time” 

**Mock Book Cover Design by Tina Isaacs, Image Credit: Thibault Fisher (Lost Road Picture) and MallninjaCode


If a rabies infected dog, acting wild and destructive, were to be put down, we probably wouldn’t even question it. But what if the incurable infected were human?

Dark, Dark My Light is a New Adult Dystopian Romance about the survivors of global virus pandemic, rebuilding a world that has descended into chaos.

After being separated by the Outbreak, Kennedi and Adam reunite at one of the “civilized” New American outposts hanging on to dear life. Scientists have long sought to find a cure for the virus that ravaged the world; when Kennedi and her children are found to be immune to the disease, the scramble begins. 

Through a story which unfolds over 15 years of angst, the couple battle inner demons, and discover how love and humanity can conquer the darkness surrounding them.

Below is the Playlist of songs that either:

  • Accompanied or inspired Tina’s work on this manuscript, or
  • Songs she believes would probably fit on the book soundtrack

Enjoy! 😉