Undercover in Tanah Firdaus

_bndCQAAQBAJType: Short Story

Genre: Cyberpunk, SFF

Publication: Cyberpunk:Malaysia anthology, edited by Zen Cho, June 2015

Publisher: Fixi Novo, Fixi

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The print copy of Cyberpunk: Malaysia is available for online order from Buku Fixi (Malaysia) and Amazon (International)and is on sale at leading bookstores in Malaysia. The eBook is available from Smashwords and Google Play
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Recognition:  Undercover in Tanah Firdaus was featured in the Science Fiction Short Story collection of the 2015 SciFi Film Festival. The 2015 SciFi Film Festival is an international festival based in Parramatta, Australia, dedicated to exploring and celebrating the science fiction and fantasy genres, their films and pop culture.

A copy of Undercover in Tanah Firdaus is available for free reading at the Festival website.






It is 2089 in a new Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a city divided into two levels. The upper crust of society stay on the Firdaus level with the best food, facilities and amenities. The downtrodden reside on the Tanah level, with no access to sunlight, and survive on measly resources. The governing body, the Bersatu Coalition (with headquarters in Firdaus), is under attack by the Tanah resistant group, Kumpulan Rintangan Negara (KRN). Utilizing cyberbionic implant technology, the Coalition inserts Insp. Moktar Ghazali’s stream of consciousness into the body of a captured Tanah dweller and sends him undercover. His mission: to infiltrate the KRN and plant a virus into their computer mainframe.